Welcome to Circle G BBQ!

Whether you’re looking for BBQ style catering or searching for your new favorite BBQ sauce, you found it – the home of the best Barbeque. No matter how you smoke it, dress it or sop it – there is one thing that we look forward to in sharing the world of BBQ.  Food is what brings people together, tickles the senses and is enjoyed by all. So gather your friends and grill up some goodness!

BBQ Catering

We’ll bring our custom made smoker to your event and get everything prepped for you, whether your event is for 15 or up to 120 people. Our pit crew has over 20 years experience, so you know your BBQ will be cooked to perfection — and we always smoke our meats on the premise, never precooked.

Choose from our main dishes and two sides, plus drinks and desserts. Get us booked today!

BBQ Sauce

Ready to try your new favorite barbeque sauce?  Order your Circle G BBQ sauce here or find it in a store near you.

Our sauces are inspired from BBQ from all over the country. Whether you’re in the mood for a vinegar-based sauce like they serve up on the Carolina coast, crave a Kansas City tomato-based BBQ sauce, or want to try a sweeter berry-based Northwest barbie, thick and sweet and so good on meats — whatever your taste-buds are demanding, we have a sauce for that.

While you’re satisfying your cravings for BBQ, ask Bar-bie what wines to pair with your smoked meats. She’s an expert on matching all the flavors of BBQ together with wine!